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Auditorio Museo Petstar,an earth construction LEED PLATINUM certified

Earth Lab is a company that integrates sustainability in urban and architectonic design and construction, promotes earth building and green certifications. During 12 years we have been designing and building with rammed earth, along with other ecological, reused and recycled materials, as well as alternative techniques and natural energy efficient systems in our quest for sustainability of our projects and occupants and users wellbeing.

The Earth Lab certification company took the lead for the LEED certification process and managed to build an 100% walls earthen construction.

By July 2015 The Auditorium-Museum PetStar received from the U.S. Green Building Council the LEED BD+C New Construction v3- LEED 2009, PLATINUM Certification. The maximum LEED level of certification a project can achieve becoming the 10th LEED NC PLATINUM project in Mexico and the 1st Museum in Latin America with this type and level of certification. As an Auditorium-Museum is the world’s 1st of its class, and although not confirmed, most likely the first ever earth based building to be certified.

The Owner commitment and Team involvement made possible a beautiful earthen construction that is both sustainable and comfortable, with a certain magic one can experience wile inside this space.

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