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Santa Fe Community College

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Kurt Gardella

New Mexico Live Instruction, Nationwide Online Instruction

6401 Richards Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87508

"Education, Training, Workforce Development This program provides you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to gain employment in the growing natural building fields of adobe construction, rammed earth, CEB construction and natural plastering. The program also functions as a stepping stone for entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in the natural building industry (e.g. adobe brick/CEB production, bagged earthen plasters, natural insulation materials). The program also welcomes non-professional, owner-builders who wish to obtain the skills needed to design and build their own adobe home.
We teach you to build an adobe structure from foundation to roof using traditional New Mexican adobe construction principles combined with an emphasis on modern green building practices which incorporate sustainable building materials. We offer courses in:
- Passive Solar Adobe Design
- Adobe Construction Basics
- Adobe Wall Construction
- Floor Design and Construction
- Finish Practices
- Roof Design and Construction
- Preservation Practices
- Adobe Building Practicum
- Rammed Earth Construction
- CEB Construction"

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