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Joanna Keane Lopez

Joanna Keane Lopez



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Adobe Builder - New Construction, Adobe Preservation, Adobe Restoration

Описание деятельности:

Intro to Adobe Architecture & Mud Plastering Workshop

Beginner workshop on adobe architectural construction, adobe arches and mud plastering

Instructors: Joanna Keane Lopez & Helen Levine (Co-owner of NM Earth Industries, adobe manufacturers since 1972)

Focus: We will be covering history, politics and cultural contexts of adobe architecture, spending time and touring one of the largest adobe manufacturing yards in the US, learning about soil composition, related tools, making adobe bricks, general construction of laying and leveling adobes, mud plastering techniques and building adobe arches.

Where: The workshop takes place at New Mexico Earth Adobes: an adobe brick manufacturing yard in the North Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico.



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