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Equipment For Sale

FELLOW EARTH BUILDERS I have a complete CEB making system ready to go. With so many natural disasters and a little tweeking, a contractor or Church group could be producing bricks for immediate construction. If this is something you are interested in, email for pricing & photos & more information.

PACKAGE for emergency response builders – contractors Royer shredder – low hour engine

Screener, rotary

2 1/2 YD MIXER with extra mixing shaft and a hydraulic lift from the  mixer to theAECT press.

AECT brick press 12x6x4 size brick

Pictures, name tag, model, SR by request

INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE SYSTEM AECT Brick cutter AECT soil tester and mini brick press; all maintenance tools for the press

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE (pardon to Ron Popell) How are you going to store those bricks? Including plastic pallets and shrink wrap for wrapping & curing your brick. 1 cu ft measure box for calculation soil density; 1 cu yd measure box for measuring soil; all soil is mixed by weight and not volume

DID I SAY THERE WAS MORE?? Soil field testing equipment Soil hydrometer, 1000 cc cylinders, mixers with instructions to determine how much Clay; Silt; Sand you have. One cu ft and one cu yd measure boxes for calculation the loose density of your material. Files of clay / soil research and notes. Lessons on how to make the best brick. I’ve been using engineered soil to get away from silt & fine sands. Use clay, sharp sand, cement or lime. This mix provides good quality brick and very consistent. Also includes library of Adobe / CEB instruction, Plus a electronic file of web articles.

WE”RE NOT DONE YET !!! Genuine Lindig soil hammer mill, ready to restore. Comes with a New engine, steel to weld in place. Needs new bearings, rubber tires and belt along with a paint job, hammer mill clutch overhaul

Additional package may include PowerTrac tractor, trailer & implements; Ford 2000 F250 truck and 5 ton dump trailer.

Equipment may need new batteries & rubber.

Erdeblock Tim Welty

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