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Earth USA 2015

About Earth USA 2015

Earth USA 2015 is the Eighth International Conference on Architecture and Construction with Earthen Materials initiated by Earth USA. The conference organizer is Adobe in Action.

The formal conference will take place from Friday, October 2 to Sunday, October 4, 2015 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. The conference will be held at the New Mexico Museum of Art in the St. Francis Auditorium (107 West Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501). Earth USA 2015 indicates a wider field of interest than previous conferences and will include adobe, rammed earth, compressed earth block (CEB) and monolithic adobe (cob). Any material or method that uses clay as a binder will be considered.

Earth USA 2015 Activities Three days of podium presentations and poster sessions on topics related to the current state of architecture and construction with earthen materials. Tours to local earthbuilding sites of interest in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. Pre-conference earthbuilding workshops are being planned by Adobe in Actionfor the week leading up to the conference. Additional post-conference workshopswill be held by third-party organizations throughout the month of October. Earth USA 2015 – Call for Papers

Earth USA 2015 will begin accepting abstract submissions for conference presentations in early 2015. All abstract submissions should be submitted using our online abstract submission form. The form will be available on the Earth USA website starting January 30, 2015. We cannot accept abstract submissions which are e-mailed directly to us. Presenters will have 20 minutes for presentation including time to answer questions. Time limits will be carefully monitored.

Paper Subject Categories: Historic buildings and cities including their stabilization, preservation and conservation Social and cultural elements fostered by earthen building practices and traditions Construction methods Education and information transfer including codes, norms and regulations Physical and thermal properties of materials and structures including seismic, flood and storm resistance Passive solar heating and cooling of earthen buildings Earthen structures in commerce, industry, agriculture and energy production New architecture and construction projects including renovation, modernization and re-purposing of existing buildings Company presentations including architects, designers, contractors and commercial product manufacturers Please visit our call for papers page for an overview of important call for paper dates and deadlines.

We look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Sincerely, The Earth USA 2015 Organizing Team –

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