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EARTH USA 2013 Update

Adobe Conservation and Preservation is a featured Earth USA 2013 workshop being offered by the official conference organizer (Adobe in Action) around the time of Earth USA 2013. This course covers the fundamentals of preserving and restoring adobe structures. This is a great opportunity to learn about adobe conservation and preservation techniques (theory and hands-on) from some of the most experienced people in the USA. This class is geared towards professional builders, engineers and architects wanting to add adobe preservation to their services as well as non-professional owner/builders wishing to learn more about restoring an existing adobe structure.

This is a blended format class which means that it is a mix of online and live instruction. The 4-week online component runs throughout the month of September in the weeks leading up to Earth USA 2013 and will cover most of the theoretical topics of adobe conservation and preservation for you. The 5-day live-instruction portion of the class will be held directly after Earth USA 2013 (from October 7 to 11, 2013) in La Mesa, New Mexico (near Las Cruces) at a real adobe preservation building site. Pat Taylor (Pat Taylor Inc./Historic Preservation) will be leading the live-instruction portion of the class which will cover a wide variety of adobe preservation topics via hands-on work and demos.

More information about this featured conference workshop as well as an online registration link can be found here:

Additionally, a series of earthbuilding workshops and events are being organized by third-party organizations who support the efforts of Earth USA 2013. These events and workshops will be taking place in the weeks before and after Earth USA 2013. More information can be found here:

Pre-Conference Workshops:

Post-Conference Workshops:

We hope you will consider staying in the Western USA a little longer and participating in an earthbuilding workshop in the the weeks before or after the conference!

Sincerely, Kurt Gardella Earth USA 2013 Web Manager

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