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Earth USA 2013 July Updates

Earth USA 2013 is just around the corner. The conference will be taking place in Santa Fe, New Mexico from Friday, October 4 to Sunday, October 6 at the New Mexico Museum of Art. Below are some recent updates about the conference:

1. We have received 80 abstract submissions from all over the world.We will have a preliminary presentation schedule up on the website by the end of July ( 2. The Earth USA Trade Fair (which will be taking place directly on the Santa Fe Plaza) is coming together nicely. So far we have reserved 10 out of the 30 booths available. We are still looking for sponsors and trade fair participants. More information can be found on the website ( 3. Pre-registration for the conference is now open and can be completed directly online ( We are encouraging people to register in advance to speed things up at the door on the weekend of the event. 4. We have set up an information page on the website with info about 3-rd party earthbuilding workshops which will be taking place around the time of the conference. Also, we have an Earth USA Featured Workshop on the topic of adobe preservation which will be taught by Pat Taylor in La Mesa, NM in the week directly after the conference ( 5. We are in the process of organizing a day of local earthbuilding tours for Monday, October 7th. Most likely these will be a walking tour to various points of interest in Santa Fe in the morning, followed by a bus tour to the South of Santa Fe in the afternoon. More details about the tours will be announced on the website soon.

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