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Code Committee Update

Letter from Board Chair Sean Kaltenbach in response to the overwhelming response of the Compressed Earth Block industry:

FANTASTIC ENERGY !!!!!!! Great to hear from everybody. Thank you Susan Jerome for getting the CEB group rolling and for hopefully keeping it running. All this response from CEB for code committee work is what TEG has been waiting for. I believe it’s clearly evident we have our CEB component. I’d like to suggest that not only do we have a code committee but we have a CEB committee.   The time is now !!!!!!

Anne Galer is heading up the Code Committee as direct representative to CID; that means developing a clean consistent format in which TEG presents, represents, listens, responds, submits, and interacts, and follows up with CID ( I believe the key is being consistent). Working off a long term relationship that Joe Tibbets has nurtured and maintained with Fermin and CID, I believe Anne with the help of Claude Hayward is well underway in continuing and further developing that consistent quality interface/relationship. 

The foremost goal of the Code Committee itself is to develop out the Earthen Building codes, but with all the great response from CEB it seems, again, it’s clear, we have a CEB Component which brings so much more to the table.

It’s exciting to see the CEB emails and I do not want to constrict the CEB energy in any way. I believe we have some non TEG members commenting. Please Join TEG !!!!! but even more important, right now don’t stop the conversations, better yet bring a CEB friend and Join later !!!!!

Again I’m suggesting that as the quality conversations continue (and hopefully membership grows), and with the approval of the Board, a CEB committee be formed. 

Where’s University of Oklahoma, let’s get them conversing with us ????

My thought is that within the CEB Committee: Code specific material be developed out and presented to Code Committee; Education specific material be developed out and presented to Education Committee; Certification specific material be developed out and presented to the Certification Committee.

(any member has an opportunity to join the committees, (as Chair I would ask/suggest that you have and maintain active participation not only in the committee itself but TEG as well) and CEB experts, we do need you on these committees)

The CEB experts have gathered and are talking and all the above needs their blessings and TEG needs their memberships . I can only hope that TEG given the opportunity can represent the CEB industry as well as it has the adobe and rammed earth so far. And as Chair that is my commitment to CEB.

TEG needs CEB, TEG need the CEB experts, TEG needs an opportunity to serve the needs of CEB.

Susan Jerome of Mule Creek has reached out, I have commended her and have asked her to continue to move forward without reserve.

One final note, TEG represents the industry; it is no one person. We all have contributing ideas, and we all have personal opinions. Some are better than others but it’s our responsibility as TEG members, to the industry and each other, to acknowledge and work thru them. As a united group with respect and consideration for each other, we truly have an opportunity to serve!   Also a reminder, our CEB efforts should be to gather and to organize.

 EARTH USA 2015 is coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Sean Kaltenbach President, General Contractor New Mexico Earth Works, LLC. Santa Fe and Las Cruces, New Mexico

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