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Southwest Solar Adobe Classes, spring 2017

SWSA spring classes: Both are different than in preceding years. The first is a drafting class to be held in Albuquerque on Earth Day weekend, April 22/23. We can accept those interested in drafting for Adobe, Compressed Earth Block or Rammed Earth. It is special in that for the first time, SWSA will work with the 9 drafting students registered long before the April class date to help them develop their designs. The objective is to finish each student’s floor plan and four elevation drawings before class, delivering them on April 22. These critical 4 drawings are essential in meeting code for your plan set. This a class for those who are ready to get their drafting out of the trench and onto the road towards the building inspection dept. and a building permit. Expect to suffer a few brain cramps in the effort, but SWSA can help you with options, the code and what has to be on drawings. Needless to say, this type of class will require good communication twixt SWSA and each student, starting immediately after registration. If you’re in a seismic zone or will require an engineer’s stamp on your plan, consider that the engineer will ask for the same scaled four drawings, produced from our class, to be able to work with you.

The second class is three days in late May and takes advantage of the Memorial Day weekend for the third day. Dates are Saturday, Sunday and Monday, May 27, 28 and 29. The 3 days allows us to stage a combo Planning/Hands-on class for Adobe and Compressed Earth Block out here at our country field site. Students last year liked the idea of seeing and handling actual “adobe stuff”, tools and walls while doing their planning. It’s very handy to teach the planning inside our adobe classroom, then step outside to actually build some of the features discussed. Check out the detailed schedule at

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