Membership Benefits


  • A CD of the Earthbuilders Encyclopedia  – Retail value: $40.00 (Lifetime & Full Membership Only)

  • Your own web page can be created within our website.  You provide the information and photos and we will add it to your page.

  • Networking opportunities through meetings, tours, and electronic communications.

  • Educational opportunities through contacts with the Earthbuilding industry leaders.

  • Updates on New Mexico Building Codes as they pertain to the Earthbuilding industry.

  • Participation in the growth of the Earthbuilding community.

  • Support from others in the Earthbuilding industry.

  • Opportunities to visit Earthbuilding sites around the state during meetings.

  • Post your events/classes/tours/ to our calendar

  • Post your current activities/information to our blog

The Earthbuilders’ Guild
Membership Categories:

  • Lifetime Membership-
    $1,000 one time. As those of us in the Earthbuilding Industry know once you live by the commitment to earthbuilding, it’s with you for a lifetime.  We offer this extraordinary membership category to those of you who have and will always have a commitment to our mission. By joining as a Lifetime Member, it is like paying for six years of membership at $160/year. 

  • Full Membership-
    $160 a year. This is the membership category for those in business who want to enjoy the full benefits of membership in TEG while supporting the mission of TEG.

  • Supporting Membership-
    $50 a year.  If you consider yourself a friend to the industry and want to show your support through this small contribution this is for you.

  • Affiliate Membership-
    $50 a year. An affiliate membership is a member whose company is a full member of TEG.

  • Student Membership-
    $25 a year.  This is for those whose interest and ambitions are in the field of earthen building we welcome your participation.  Must be a full time student (proof of student status at an accredited institution required).

Join The Guild

  • Lifetime

    For those of you who have a commitment to our mission!
    • - Lifetime Membership
    • - No Further Membership Dues
    • One Time Payment
  • Full

    Every year
    Support the mission of TEG
    • Full Benefits of Membership
  • Supporting

    Every year
    Friends who want to show support with small contribution.
    • Support our Mission
  • Affiliate

    Every year
    Add an additional member from your company.
    • Affiliate Member
  • Student

    Every year
    For those interested with ambitions in the field.
    • Must be a full time student:
    • -Proof of student status at an accredited institution